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Published on April 4th, 2014 | by editor


Get to Know . . . the Wright College 2014-15 SGA Candidates!

Vote ButtonWith the recent SGA election results too close to call, Wright College will be conducting a run-off election to determine the  2014-2015 SGA officers. Wright students will have the opportunity to vote next week, beginning on Monday, April 7, at 9am through Tuesday, April 8, when polling will close at 7pm
. We need 10 percent participation to validate the election results, so please vote! (But, vote only one time as duplicate voting will eliminate both votes.) 

Students will receive links to online ballots on Monday morning through their CCC student email accounts; alternatively, students can vote in person by visiting the polling stations in the Arts Building and Science Building lobbies. Election results will be shared via Facebook and Wright College Net. (Be sure to LIKE Wright College on Facebook and subscribe to Wright College Net by entering your e-mail address and clicking “Subscribe.”)

Please review the candidates’ biographies, below, to make an informed decision. Please direct any questions to Student Activities Director Katie Ordinario. Thanks for your participation!

Brittany Tollinchi and Will Whitmore


Brittany Tollinchi
Email: Brittany Tollinchi

I am interested in running for SGA President. I am the current President of the Paralegal Club at Wright College. I know I have what it takes to be the voice of the students here at Wright. I am hard working and truly enjoy seeing something I have worked hard on come to fruition. I chose the President position because I know I can handle the challenge.

I would like to personally work on getting students educated on different processes within the school such as FASFA, benefits of Great Books, applying for scholarships, and tutoring. I think each student should be well informed of options available to them. I would also like to explore options for child care within the school. Having daycare on campus would relieve some of the stress students have due to the pain of finding someone to watch their child while they are in class.

I have experienced being president of a club at Wright College so I understand the type of time and dedication it takes to be involved at the college. I am approachable which I feel makes it comfortable and easy for people to come talk to me if they have an issue. I have over 10 years of event planning experience so I understand how important deadlines and communication are.

I feel that all of the things I have mentioned above make me a good candidate for President of SGA. I thank you for the opportunity.

willwhitmore-page-0Will Whitmore
Email: Will Whitmore

I have been at CCC since 2011, specifically at Wright College since fall 2012. I have been working hard to get my education, taking a couple classes at a time while working full time as a single father. As a previous business major, now a psychology major, I have met many students. I have compassion to help the student body here at Wright College, the best of all the CCC campus.

In the previous semesters I have been a productive leader in starting and promoting the clubs here at Wright College such as Gateway Scholars “P.R.” (for GED,ESL students), Wright Workout “treasurer,” Business “treasurer,” Prism etc., which have been stepping stones to uniting students together to make this campus more than a community college but similar to university life. Becoming an SGA senator last year furthered me into getting to know the college system. As co-chair of activities, active in student concerns, DJ for campus events, and frequently on student panels for school improvements, I have learned what needs change. I have made my presence known in bringing up what the students want, and need, long before I had decided to run for an executive position. I have come from a diverse background and I have had my challenges. Coming from the GED program and now a full time student half way to my associate degree, I would like to take on more challenges to make this school better than ever before, as your SGA President.

I believe my leadership skills and experience make me a perfect candidate for this position. I will work diligently to ensure the future success of the organization and make certain the changes we implement and the information we provide stays with the school upon my graduation. The upkeep and improvement of this school affects everyone and is an eminent concern for many students. As a student advocate, it is my responsibility to address these concerns. As secretary of the Student Government Association it will be my duty to provide resolution and become an active agent of change on campus and in our community at large.

Bob Brown, Louis Cedeno and Victoria Parsons

Bobbrown-page-0Bob Brown
Email: Bob Brown

As a Student Government Association candidate, I have three primary goals. First, I want to help build on current Student Government Association successes. Second, I want to work with campus clubs and organizations to enhance our professional and educational development opportunities outside the traditional classroom setting. Third, I want to foster broader participation, encourage communication, and strengthen connections between students and Student Government Association.

I bring a wealth of life experience to the office, having two career arcs prior to becoming a student at Wright College. I spent almost five years in state government positions followed by fourteen years in retail management. My government employment taught me the value of public service. Management taught me valuable leadership and organizational skills. I will use these experiences to affect positive change and support our college community.

At Wright College I have been an active member of the Paralegal Club. I have helped organize fund-raisers, attended training workshops, and will be presenting a professional development seminar during this campaign period. I would like to bring this dedication and leadership to the service of the student body.

I look forward to working with the other members of the Student Government Association to help make next year a success for every student and all academic programs. Let us work together to make our future brighter.

louiscedeno-page-0Louis Cedeno
Email: Louis Cedeno

The reason why I am running for Vice President is stated on this paper. As the potential Vice President, my priority will be improving the college experience of my fellow students. Being Vice President leaves me in an excellent position to ensure that they make the most of their time while at Wright. I would work alongside liaisons and club members to produce an environment in which students can further their participation and take a decent break from classes. Personally, I know what it is like to have a lot on my plate as a student and in dire need of some fun. On another note, I can help bring attention to the matters which concerns the student body. Such issues include but not limited to; healthier food options in the vending machines, availability of the gym, fixing the bathrooms, and providing more scholarships for the students. With the rest of my team we will go throughout the school raising awareness about the situations and coming up with the solutions with the benefit of other students in mind. Already as a senator of SGA, I have experience in informing others about how they can get involved in campus, which we are as SGA, and they themselves (the students) can do for their part.

victoriaparsons-page-0Victoria Parsons
Email: Victoria Parsons

I am running for Vice-President of the Student Government Association. Within the next year I will earn my associates degree in Paralegal Studies.

If elected, I want to see the student populace be informed of activities that are held on and off campus. As a mother with three grown sons, I bring 20 years of experience at negotiating and compromise. I believe that my experience will allow me to empathetically view situations and come to an understanding that benefits all parties involved.

My main focus will be to assist the President of the SGA in all matters. I believe that Wright College has a lot to offer students outside the classroom. It would be my pleasure to see to it that students are aware that they have options and opportunities at their disposal through professors who volunteer their help for the success of student, both academically and in their personal and professional lives. We can all help one another to grow and succeed, happily.

Additionally, the SGA is the mediator between Wright faculty and their students. As Vice-President, I will always have an open door and open mind for any concerns and even ideas of the student body for the success of Wright College students.

Once again, my name is Victoria Parsons and I asking for you to help me to help you though your votes for my nomination for Vice-President of Student Government Association.

Tarish Morris and Johnathan Riley

TarishMorris-page-0Tarish Morris
Email: Tarish Morris

I am running for secretary of Student Government Association. I am currently serving as the secretary of the Paralegal Club. This position has allowed me to get to know the students on a personal and professional level. I am able to bring any concerns they have to the board so they could be formally addressed. I also have prior professional experience as a secretary. I worked as a secretary for well over 5 years.

The secretary’s role is looked upon as being the glue that keeps everything together. It is my responsibility to record all business that is being discussed. It is also my duty to inform the students about any upcoming events or meetings the association may have. Any concerns or problems students may have, it is my duty to acknowledge and assist them.

My goal for holding the position as secretary of the Student Government Association is to connect everyone together as a unit. It is my personal goal to help students become more active to achieve their goals.

johnathanRiley-page-0Johnathan Riley
Email: Johnathan Riley

I am running for secretary with the Student Government Association at Wilbur Wright College. I am engineering major and plan to complete my Bachelor of Science degree in Bioengineering and pursue a career in medical and environmental research. I’ve had many great experiences as a student and value the education I have received thus far. Upon graduation, I am confident I will have the skills and experience necessary to pursue my dreams and become an active member of my community

I am running for secretary because the future is very important to me, and to many of our students. I believe one of the greatest ways we can give back is to use our skills and talents to help others. My goal is to make sure we are moving in the right direction and taking steps to ensure students and faculty members are knowledgeable about what’s happening on campus.

Campus Participation is an integral part of my student experience. I strongly believe in giving back and contributing my spare time wherever I can. Recently I served as a Senator with the Student Government Association. In this role, I was responsible for managing student concerns, participating in leadership conference and discussing pertinent student issues with the University President and Vice-Chancellors. I also learned the importance and responsibilities of other clubs on campus. I worked with many clubs and provided them with the tools they needed to operate successfully. As Chairman of the Student Concerns Committee, I worked with a diverse group of students all over campus. I monitored concerns sent in by students and worked with them one-on-one to resolve their issues. This position allowed me to have firsthand knowledge of what is important to the student body and what we should focus on to be successful in the future.

Edwin Medina


Edwin Medina
Email: Edwin Medina

The reason why I’m running for the treasurer position at Student government is for the tuition waiver and the book voucher. Since I know nothing in this world is free, I will give back by investing quantitative and qualitative time into the SGA team I work with. During my time as senator I have grown as a leader, I first started off as a senator and moved my way up with being the committee chair of Activities. I learned the in’s and out’s of SGA and I think I am ready to move to the next position in responsibilities. I know I am fit for the position because I have been working closely with the current treasurer to guide me into becoming an executive and role model to future SGA senators. I would like to continue the momentum the current SGA built and continue that through my team. I want to utilize the SGA budget to its potential and make sure we bring the best activities to the students and clubs. I want to make sure that we continue to put the students first and make sure that their input is heard. I have grown as a leader and just like the current executives taught me that, I’m ready to pass that on to future student leaders.

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