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Published on April 3rd, 2014 | by editor


“Reading for Wisdom” Weekly Discussions Aim to Enlighten, Engage, Inform

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“Reading for Wisdom” is hosted in the Wright in Your Corner (WiYC) student center every Tuesday. The motto of this circle of discussion is the Socratic dictum: “The unexamined life is not worth living.”  Wisdom is a lifelong pursuit to integrate information and knowledge into a wholesome tapestry of meaning; it is the attempt to escape the cave of ignorance and prejudice in order to become a citizen of the world.

The goals of “Reading for Wisdom” complement the overall goals of WiYC as the group tries to help students become more fulfilled and successful human beings, with a greater sense of direction and community for their lives. It is designed to be a student-centered discussion in which we come together in conversation around tea and in open spirit.  Students do not need to come prepared and the texts (from a variety of sources including articles, poems, and sacred texts) are provided.

This type of discussion allows students to appreciate that certain issues and universal topics are real and relevant to their lives, and that their education at Wright ultimately allows them to come up with possible answers or directions. We encourage students to bring the richness and diversity of their various backgrounds and ideas to the table.

Through “Reading for Wisdom,” students have an opportunity to talk and think things through, to move beyond the level of information and reaction to the level of thinking, of reflecting. Topics recently covered include:

  • Encountering the Other: The Legacy of MLK
  • Ideology: Between Truth and Delusion.
  • Failure
  • Competition
  • Redemption: From Punishment to Forgiveness.
  • Seeing Beyond the Surface
  • Beauty
  • Happiness: Between Pleasure and Meaning
  • Doubt and Skepticism: Between Naiveté and Suspicion
  • Thinking: From Artificial Intelligence to Human Wisdom

Please encourage your students to join us for these engaging discussions. Future themes for the remainder of the semester include: “Desire,” “Education: Knowledge, Information, Wisdom,” and “From Disappointment to Hope.” Faculty and administrators are also welcome to participate and/or lead a discussion. Please email Adrian Guiu with questions or for more information.

Contributor: Adrian Guiu, Wright College Humanities Professor


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